Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you have recipes using Makoto Dressings?
    Please refer to the recipe section on the website. We enjoy hearing how people are using our dressings. If you have any recipes you wish to share, please email them.

  2. Do your dressings need to be refrigerated?
    Yes, our dressings are made from fresh vegetables with no added preservatives and therefore need to be refrigerated both before and after opening.

  3. Where can I find your product in my area?
    Please see the Availability page. (Click on the state for a list of stores that carry Makoto products.)

  4. Can you ship the dressings direct to my home?
    Unfortunately, due to having to keep our dressings refrigerated, it is prohibitively expensive to ship overnight to individuals at approximately $100.00 per case.

  5. Do you sell your dressings in larger quantities?
    Currently we only package in the 8oz. size.

  6. Do any of your dressings contain gluten?
    Some of our dressings contain wheat. Please refer to the individual product information for the list of ingredients.

  7. Do any of your dressings contain Trans fat?

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